Good Friday

The Easter Triduum, which we have now been called to enter has been described in many ways by so many preachers, teachers and authors. These three days are one continuous celebration of The Paschal Mystery. The celebration begins with the sign of the cross on Holy Thursday. (This sign marks the … [Read more...]

Holy Week

This week Holy Week is when the rubber really hits the road, for us who follow in the footsteps of Jesus, The Christ, The God-man from Galilee. Where He has gone, we are to follow. It is gut check time. It is when we put on our grown up pants and get honest. NOT totally honest, but as honest as … [Read more...]

A Boring Life???

Guilt, anger, and resentment are really heavy burdens for us to haul around. Just think of all the energy it takes to control, deny, stifle these so, so human, emotions within ourselves. On the other hand, how free we feel, how energized we feel, when we give ourselves the freedom to feel, … [Read more...]

Individual Thorn part 2

Rousseau said, "Man was born free and everywhere I look I see him chained." Resentment is a destroyer of individual lives and family ties. We are told what hurts a relationship is not what is on the table, it is under the table. Resentment not dealt with grows and festers over the years. It … [Read more...]

Individual Thorn

An excerpt from an upcoming new book "Garbage to Treasure through Grace." St. Paul is conflicted. He is not a happy camper. He has been chosen by The Lord for a great mission. Looking inside he sees something he is not happy with. He does not want it to be in his life. He wants it removed. That … [Read more...]