A paradoxical journey into…

I can still remember my introduction to paradox. When we were in grade school we were very proud to be able to repeat the following:"I went to the pictures(movies) tomorrow. I bought a front seat in the back. I fell from the floor to the gallery, and broke a front bone in my back." (That was being … [Read more...]

Paradox, the birthing stretch Part 2

That is one thing that is getting through this hard head of mine, so many of the great spiritual truths appear to be paradoxical. "It is only when I am weak, it is then that I am strong" (Have not got the hang of that one yet. Work in progress ?) "Faith is a journey into uncertainty, not … [Read more...]

Paradox-the birthing stretch

On the spiritual journey there is nothing but change. Changes we have no control over. Ours is a journey into surrender. A gradual surrender to the all-encompassing, all-embracing, loving hug of God. Since is The Great Lover, She/He does not in any way force us to respond by surrendering. I … [Read more...]

Write like you’re dying!!! Part 3

Years ago I read this ever so challenging quote, ”write like you are dying.” I have kept this before me over the years as I journeyed with fellow travelers, preached, and wrote. We must tell the truth, when it is ”convenient and inconvenient.” The real healthy truth really hurts. Denial of the … [Read more...]

Write like you’re dying!!! part 2

I see now, ever more clearly that as St. Paul says a priest is "a man taken from among men” to be in the service of The Holy Alone. A man who has failed and does fall and over and over, up to this present moment. I take great comfort in the words of Carl Stuhmiller “It is ONLY through our … [Read more...]