As a consequence of my being, "a spiritual being, immersed in the human experience," there are zillions of questions seeking answers. Why does it we seem to never get a satisfactory, complete answer? All the answers I seem to get just lead to another new question, which leads to another new answer, … [Read more...]

The Gift…

Birthdays are times of gift giving. We, as the church, had a birthday. This is contained in a fuller understanding of The Feast of Pentecost. Have you had a conscious celebration of this ever new event in your life, and in the continuing life of The Body of Christ? When we do not have a conscious … [Read more...]


What has brought about this "newness of life?" Our encounter with the living Person of Our Lord, and Savior, Jesus the Christ. Our faith teaches us that in each and every encounter with The Risen Christ, we are being transformed into being His living presence. This miracle of grace does not happen … [Read more...]


Lent and "the desert journey" are synonymous. There is a mystery revealed to us, ever new, as we trudge the days, and the weeks of Lent. This is a mystery that has been hidden from some, but revealed to those who have been blessed with the courage to leave comfort behind, and take the risk of … [Read more...]


Light comes and goes. Now we see it, now we don't. But what is our memory of The Light, Whose appearance we celebrated just a few short weeks ago? Compared to The Light, all other lights are like comparing the flickering light of a candle to the dazzlingly brilliant, blinding light of the sun. … [Read more...]