Beloved “Hope punkers” we must be!!!

On one of my trips I went into a store to purchase an item. I paid the cashier with cash. As she was handing me the change she said "have a wonderful day." I said in reply "Thank you and may you have an awe-full day as well." She was really taken aback at my remark. She looked puzzled, and … [Read more...]

Why do we have to fight??? Part 5

Thank God we are blessed with the presence of a few transformed and transfigured fellow travelers. They have evolved to the point of being blessed with the lenses to see and love others without any expectations. These prophets of hope and love are in direct contrast to the harsh reality of our … [Read more...]

Why do we have to fight??? Part 4

This spiritual battle rages on and on IN EACH AND EVERY MOMENT we are given to live. In every now moment a decision is being made by you and me. As we live each moment we consciously or unconsciously make a decision to live in freedom or live in fear, "in the flesh(Sarx) or "in the Spirit.) This … [Read more...]

Why do we have to fight??? Part 3

My formative years were bracketed by the toxic trinity, of guilt fear and shame. Then through the very mysterious and "subversive" (O'Donoghue) workings of grace, a new and ever evolving dynamic has been added. Joe has been awakened, and given new lenses to see the truly amazing mysterious reality. … [Read more...]

Why do we have to fight??? Part 2

The question needs to be asked, how well have we been exposed to the radical nature of the message of free undeserved love as taught and practiced in the mission and ministry of Him Who was the incarnation of Infinite love, Jesus Who became The Christ of God. Becoming The Christ of God was not "a … [Read more...]