You are beloved claim it!!! part 2

Fr. Rohr, many years and tears ago introduced me to the word beloved and what meaning all it conveys. When you are the beloved you are loved without "condition, restriction, or reservation." (I have used that a great many times since I first heard them. It was an epiphany moment for me. I was … [Read more...]

You are beloved claim it!!!

On my early walk this morning I was blessing Pope Francis in a big, big way. He has just made my challenges of preaching, teaching, and writing so much easier. Last week it was announced that the Pope was changing two prayers that are spoken by so many, so, so often. We will now say "Do not let … [Read more...]

Absolute Powerlessness

He reached out to the marginalized, the outcast, those outside the law, (prostitutes), the woe begotten tax collector, the widow and orphan, ( the gospel symbol for the powerless), the leper. Reaching out to touch and cure the leper really cost The Rabbi Jesus. The moment He touched the leper He … [Read more...]

Paschal death is not terminal! part 3

Do we always respond to that call? Do we even believe in our dignity as always being the co-creators and co-perfecter of all of creation? Do we believe that in each and every moment there is a voice whispering deep within us, "you are My beloved daughter/son in you I am well pleased?" Right now no … [Read more...]

Paschal death is not terminal! Part 2

Have you ever attended a life celebration where flowers were absent. I have not. Somehow as an essential part of the celebrations of life flowers are ever present. The flowers both on and surrounding the coffin sing their joyous song of hope. Their songs offers to us this message of hope, "As … [Read more...]