Write like you’re dying!!!

I have not played golf in a long, long time, but the memories linger on. When you can say “I am are playing the back nine” this means you are finishing or close to finishing the round. Now when that applies to life, and you say you are finishing the back nine then the club house is in sight. This … [Read more...]

Home, part 3

I went on a hike and took a struggle with me. I have found out over the years, that when I have a challenge to face, Joe better take a hike. On these particular hikes, I seem to get what I need to know not necessarily what I want to know. Some of the truths that are placed before me, I would much … [Read more...]

Home, part 2

To be healthy, we will have to face that which we prefer not to face, given a choice. To be spiritually healthy we have to face our own fears, and journey into our own darkness. It is then we are strong enough to face the familiar challenge. The challenge that comes with belonging to a human, … [Read more...]


"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home." M. Basho. Home is a word that will crop up in conversation a great deal over the next many days, and weeks. Time that, hopefully, we will live in, and not just, exist in. We will be asked the question, "Are you going home for Thanksgiving, … [Read more...]

Two Shoes, Part 2

As St. Augustine wrote "the first book written was creation." The second Bible written was with words. The creation, writing of that first book has taken billions of years and it is still being written to day. If we were told that there was a person chosen to continue to write the bible, we all … [Read more...]