Paschal death is not terminal!

There is an awakening taking place right before our eyes."Lord that I might see," must be our constant prayer as we are exposed anew to the journey from death to new life. What we are privileged to see in nature we are challenged to see and accept the same reality within ourselves, ever and always. … [Read more...]

Mother…Motherhood…is a sacrament, Part 3

The road to psychological and spiritual health is a long process. Unfortunately there are many who never get into recovery, and so the dysfunction is passed on to generations to come. It is essential to take the challenging necessary steps to claim our essential goodness and lovableness. We need … [Read more...]

Mother…Motherhood is a sacrament, Part 2

It is never-ending, so we must be open to ever new, life-enhancing, life-enriching revelations. Speaking of revelation, the scriptures have some wonder-full passages offered for our nourishment and encouragement. Our Father/Mother God, in Isaiah 49:15 "Can a mother forget her infant, be without … [Read more...]

Mother…Motherhood…is a sacrament

There is an awe-full, mysterious, sacred presence in our lives. A presence, I am sad to say that seems to be acknowledged, reverenced, and celebrated just one day out of 365. As we live out the other days, is not this mysterious reality taken for granted? Has the place of our encounter with the … [Read more...]

12 Steps…Journey Into Powerlessness, part 2

The keys to freedom are offered, but the catch is we have to love ourselves enough to grasp those keys and set ourselves free. Free to bask in the prodigal love of our Prodigal Father for all His beloved daughters/sons. There is an infinite beauty dwelling within our depths which must be loved into … [Read more...]