Wandering Thoughts ended in Patient Hope

These words of an old song have been going around and around in my in my head for a number of days now. Whether you are a Hollies fan or a Neil Diamond fan you will remember these words, "The road is long with many a winding turn that leads to where who knows where." life's road has been long, and … [Read more...]

Beloved “Hope punkers” we must be!!! Part 4

Ideally we are to carry and bring our experience of our encounter in the outdoor cathedral to our place of religious celebration. The challenge of an authentic celebration is to make the connection between life and liturgy. If that does not happen we have a lifeless liturgy, which is a turnoff … [Read more...]

Beloved “Hope punkers” we must be!!! Part 3

So then you are pretty awe-full. Full of mystery, full of wonder and this leads to prayer. How many claim the cathedral of the great outdoors to be there place of worship. They experience The Above, The Beyond, The Alone in their encounter with nature and are brought to the awareness of a reality … [Read more...]

Beloved “Hope punkers” we must be!!! Part 2

Human beings are drawn to seek, and to search for that which is unknown. Their search really is for The Unknown and the Unknowable. Some journey to the horizons of the seen, others are drawn to journey within and discover, "new heavens and new earths." deep within the depths of the their souls. As … [Read more...]

Beloved “Hope punkers” we must be!!!

On one of my trips I went into a store to purchase an item. I paid the cashier with cash. As she was handing me the change she said "have a wonderful day." I said in reply "Thank you and may you have an awe-full day as well." She was really taken aback at my remark. She looked puzzled, and … [Read more...]