Got the flu, started to write and this happened Part 2

The reality of Light breaking through darkness is a mystery we will be drawn deeper and deeper into. A journey we have no map for only the quiet guidance of faith and hope. Hope will encourage, strengthen us to do the necessary minimum. I have come to accept We fear-fully place one foot in front of the other knowing we do not have to feel God’s presence in what I am doing and where I am at for our Gracious Lover to be The Presence needed. This gift of supernatural hope bubbles up from our depths at the time we see, and are challenged to accept there is only darkness, and endings. In that place of torment, gut wrenching fear is Not the ending but the beginning of something that is new, better and more exciting to live with and within.

Our conversion demands of us to let go of all previous lightening systems. As that happens, from the pythian darkness a gentle flickering light breaking through. That flickering light, which can only be seen and followed in darkness will be all that we in need. Such as it was, so it is for you and I today. This is not what our egotistical egos, and false selves want, and crave. The Good Shepherd does meet our needs, but will not feed our greed. How often have I wished for a God Who was more codependent. The recognition and the acceptance of a God of Healthy Wholeness is an essential step on the way to holiness. All of other creations are false gods. Their essential spiritual emptiness never provides the human spirit with anything that is lasting. We have and do worship at the altars of theses false gods but all that happens is the opposite of what we were hoping, and craving. There was no “filling up,” there was only an eternal emptying out. “Every curse is a blessing, every blessing is a curse” right? The process of being emptying out left a void. A void which only The Original Lover can fill up, and make fruit-full again.

The Prophet Jesus’ own immediate FAMILY WENT SO FAR AS TO QUESTION HIS SANITY, NEVER MIND SANCTITY. Jesus’ own family and follower had to go through a conversion process. A conversion process that was long and difficult just like yours and mine. Their conversion story is our story as well. Each person’s step by step daily living writes a contemporary Gospel. I pray that all will respond to the ever so gentle promptings of The Gracious Creator and write a gospel of real Good news. A healthy family’s life-giving fruit-full love on the contrary, brings us to that awe-full mystery-laden reality, this reality we call our “Daily moment to moment living.”

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