Got the flu, started to write and this happened

May you have 20/20 vision, 24/7, for all your 2020’s encounters with all the realities you will encounter with “living life on life’s terms.” We all have a “fancy-full” world filled with illusions and false expectations, but because it is a creation of the false self, it will, I am sad to say, slowly fade away. The spiritual journey is all about being taught how to let go, and learn how to accept a continuous newness. What we choose to take the place of that which is lost will define the life we are to live. We choose then every moment whether to live or to just exist. We will choose whether to settle for being born, with no conscious contact with The Source of Life or we choose to live life and live it to the fullest. The Incarnation, God becoming enfleshed in the human condition was intended to show us who follow Him how a fully human life is to be lived and most importantly celebrated. What “scandal,” arose from the Carpenter from Galilee by the way He celebrated with all the diverse groups who were welcomed to be inhabitants of His reality. Around the table of participation and celebration all become one. This “one-ing” effort was not well received. The enfleshment The Holy One, was not received very well by those who were supposed to know, but received with gladdened arms by those who accepted the answer to their need. It is so very difficult to see how the grave errors of history continues to be repeated in our so-called enlightened age. As we make our way into places unknown let us never, never reject the wisdom of the ages, and the aged. It is heart-breaking to become aware of the great loss that occurs when ancestral wisdom is not respected enough and to learn from it. What a harsh price has been paid, and is being paid as I write.


  1. This is one of the best brain burst you have written!

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