The blessed messiness from which we came, and live in!!!

“Life is messy, the family, and family life is messy, people are messy, we all are messy, all this blessed messiness, a sacrament!!! Got your attention? Well if you have chosen to read further then I ask you to remember and repeat: “God help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beauty-full it is.” A sacrament is: “each and every person, place, event, that brings us closer to the realities of life, and so closer to The Real Reality “which we call God.” (God is reality with a capital “R,” we on the other hand are “reality” with a small “r.”) As we venture into the sacrament of the messy family, your every day renewed claim to the essential goodness, wholeness of who you are in your essence has to be claimed. Again, and again, and again, why? Simply because we forget who it is we are, and Who has made us a hidden dwelling place.

When we started St. Andrew the Apostle one of the first things that was the creation of “neighborhood churches.” These “neighborhood churches” we are the gathering of all, and I mean all, the local “Little churches of the home.” The “little church of the home” is the rock foundation of the church and society. As the family goes so goes our world and all of its co-inhabitators. In these days, it is now essential we recognize and accept we are not just co-inhabitators we have been chosen to be co-creators. So as we go, so goes the family, church, society, and by association all of known creation. Creation will survive us. It has done so before. Creation is too big, the question is “will we survive?” May I suggest that it is our continual re-examination of “the little church of the home” lies the source of health, wholeness, and holiness necessary for us to be healthy co-creators. ” As it was, so it is, and ever shall be.”

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