Why do we have to fight??? Part 4

This spiritual battle rages on and on IN EACH AND EVERY MOMENT we are given to live. In every now moment a decision is being made by you and me. As we live each moment we consciously or unconsciously make a decision to live in freedom or live in fear, “in the flesh(Sarx) or “in the Spirit.) This is the choice our Prodigal Lover has gifted us. There are those however who would much prefer to leave everything up to God and take the human response out of the equation. They do not want to be responsible. That is the childish relationship which must let go of as we mature. We, however must leave that reality behind us. Boy do we sulk, and throw anger fits as we are moved out of spiritual pre-school and kindergarten. Yes, there is a great deal of fear as we move from the place of comforting security to enter the tough slog of the uncertain mountain climb. We slowly mature and ever so gradually are gently led into a childlike confident relationship. Healthy parenting is so helpful but not essential for this journey. Where there have not been a healthy relationship we have to own that emptiness. Not just own it but welcome Our Prodigal Lover to fill up the emptiness. Do the work and come to realize that yes “our God is close to the brokenhearted, and from all their distress He rescues them.” “I was brought low and You rescued me.” Out of the depths of my nothingness, emptiness, powerlessness, anger, and despair rescue me is a prayer that is answered.

“There is not just a rescuing but the opening of new vistas and horizons that the human mind cannot imagine. WE, however have been given free will and the ability to choose. That comes with a love that frees. Where there is no freedom there can be no love. We are so loved we are given the freedom to choose between life and death. We are so loved that we are afforded the freedom to choose between life and death, Heaven or Hell. We can choose to live life in the freedom that comes with being the beloved daughters/sons of our Prodigal Father, or consign ourselves to a hellish life to be lived in the bondage of the toxic trinity. In this Hell on earth, that we have chosen to exist in, there is no freedom only fear, there is no love only hate, here there is no community. Individualism rather than individuality is the norm here. No exceptions. In this hellish existence we find each one looking out for one’s own selfish best interests. It is all about me, my, mine never a we. As one spiritual writer wrote: “It is Heaven all the ways to Heaven, and Hell all the ways to Hell.” The choice is ours, every precious moment we are given to live. The mystery of the sacrament of the eternal now is our gift to be reverenced and explored. Never, never solved.

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